You Can Have What You Want

Right now, at least, I’m working within a particular wheelhouse. I write erotica, usually queer, frequently kinky, often with a paranormal slant, that boils down to one message: you can have what you want.

The queer and kinky parts — well, as you might have assumed, I happen to be both of those. I write what I like, and what I want to see, and those overlap. Representation and identification are important to me, so what I write incorporates different identities so different people can feel that happy little “Hey! That’s me!” thrill when they read my stories.

The paranormal part is fun for me, but I also know that growing up different in some way can make you gravitate towards fiction where characters also feel that way. For instance, one of my favorite books to read and reread as a kid was The Girl with the Silver Eyes, by Willo Davis Roberts. What’s different about Katie is her psychic powers; what was different about me, I hadn’t quite figured out yet, but I identified with her anyway. 

Fiction has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. Most of that has been overwhelmingly good — I’d never have figured out that I was queer and kinky if not for stories. On the other hand, most of the stories I’ve been exposed to have been either heteronormative or full of sadness and difficulty. I believe that I can have the life I want, and I want everyone else to believe it too. Yeah, even you.


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